Meet the Woman Behind Your Favorite Treats at Tori’s


You know that feeling when you bite into one of Tori’s famous chocolate chip cookies or maple bacon donuts? The explosion of flavor and texture with each bite is what keeps you coming back again and again. But have you ever wondered about the mastermind behind the magic? Meet Tori, the woman who founded and built Tori’s Treats into the sensation it is today.

For over 15 years, Tori has been dreaming up new recipes to delight your taste buds in her home kitchen. What started as a hobby to relieve stress from her day job blossomed into a full-fledged business. Through it all, Tori’s passion for high-quality, homemade ingredients and quirky flavor combinations has remained. In this exclusive interview, get the inside scoop on Tori’s journey to becoming Denver’s queen of confections, her creative process, and what new treats might be coming your way. Get ready to gain a whole new appreciation for that next bite of strawberry rhubarb pie or salted dark chocolate chip cookie. The secret’s out: there’s heart, soul, and a whole lot of love baked into each and every treat at Tori’s.

The Story Behind Tori’s Bakery

Tori always had a passion for baking. Ever since she was a little girl helping her grandmother in the kitchen, she dreamed of opening her own bakery. After years of honing her craft, that dream finally became a reality when Tori’s Bakery opened its doors.

Tori sources the freshest, high-quality ingredients to craft treats that look as good as they taste. Everything is made from scratch using time-honored recipes, with no preservatives or artificial flavors. Some of her specialties include:

  • Old-fashioned cinnamon rolls dripping with icing
  • Flaky croissants filled with Nutella or homemade jam
  • Decadent red velvet cupcakes topped with sweet cream cheese frosting
  • Gluten-free brownies rich with chocolate and nuts for those with dietary needs

Beyond the drool-worthy desserts, Tori’s Bakery has become a community gathering place. You’ll often find regulars chatting over a latte and fresh-baked scone. Tori loves getting to know her customers and providing a welcoming space where people can connect.

Tori credits her success to following her passion, using high quality ingredients, and maintaining the personal touch of a small, locally-owned business. Stop by Tori’s Bakery for a treat and you’ll taste the care and craftsmanship in every bite. Once you do, you’ll be a regular too!

Tori’s Most Popular Baked Goods

Tori is a baking wizard, and her treats are simply magical. Here are a few of her most popular baked goods that keep customers coming back for more.

Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Light, fluffy donuts coated in a cinnamon sugar mixture – need I say more? These melt-in-your-mouth morsels are Tori’s top seller, so get there early before they sell out!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

You know a place is legit when their chocolate chip cookies are on point. Tori’s cookies are loaded with chunks of rich dark chocolate and baked until perfectly chewy. Have them warm with an ice cold glass of milk for the ultimate comfort food experience.

Apple Turnovers

Flaky pastry dough wrapped around sweet apple filling and dusted with powdered sugar. Tori’s turnovers are so good you’ll be tempted to eat the whole thing yourself, but we highly recommend sharing with friends or family.

Pumpkin Spice Bread

When fall rolls around, Tori’s bakery fills with the irresistible aroma of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. Her pumpkin spice bread is moist and full of flavor, swirled with a cream cheese icing for the perfect autumn treat. Sliced and toasted, it’s great for breakfast or enjoying with your favorite hot beverage.

Tori pours her heart and soul into creating memorable treats with high quality, seasonal ingredients. One taste is all it takes to understand why her bakery has become such a cherished part of our community. Stop by for a sweet treat and meet the woman behind the magic!

Tori’s Secret Ingredients and Recipes

Tori, the owner and chef behind Tori’s Treats, has been baking up delicious

goodies for over 20 years. While her recipes are closely guarded secrets, Tori was willing to share a few of the key ingredients and techniques that give her treats their memorable flavor.


Fresh, high-quality ingredients

Tori is committed to using the freshest, all-natural ingredients she can find. She frequents local farmers markets to source seasonal fruits and herbs. Tori believes that quality ingredients shine through in the final product, so she never skimps. Some of her favorites include:

  • Valrhona chocolate – A gourmet chocolate from France with complex, robust flavors.
  • Nielsen-Massey vanilla extract – An aromatic vanilla extract that enhances any recipe.
  • Farm fresh eggs – Eggs from free-range chickens just hours after being laid.
  • European butter – A richer, creamier butter that creates the perfect flaky crust.

Time-tested recipes

Tori has been perfecting her recipes for decades. Some have even been passed down through generations of her family. While technology has changed, Tori sticks to the tried-and-true basics:

  • Rolling out pie crusts and kneading dough by hand.
  • Beating ingredients with electric mixers instead of food processors which can overmix.
  • Allowing ingredients like butter, eggs, and sugar to come to room temperature for maximum volume.
  • Chilling doughs before baking to set the shape and prevent spreading.
  • Checking on treats frequently while baking and making minor adjustments to ensure perfect results.

Tori’s dedication to her craft is apparent with every bite of her delicious treats. Thanks to her secret ingredients and time-honored techniques, Tori’s Treats will continue to delight customers for years to come. Stop by the shop to taste the difference quality and care can make. You won’t regret it!

Inside the Tori’s Bakery Kitchen

As the owner and head baker at Tori’s Bakery, Victoria “Tori” Simmons starts her day at the crack of dawn to begin preparing the treats that have made her shop so popular.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Tori arrives at the bakery around 4 am each morning to start preparing the doughs and batters that will become the cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other goodies filling the display cases. “I like to get an early start so I have plenty of time to let the flavors develop as the doughs and batters chill before baking,” Tori says.

Using high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients, Tori makes everything from scratch based on recipes she has spent years perfecting. “I want people to taste the difference that fresh, homemade ingredients can make. My goal is for each treat to be a little taste of nostalgia, reminding people of the sweets their grandmother used to make.”

A Pinch of This, A Dash of That

Tori doesn’t follow strict recipes. “Baking is an art form. I add a pinch of this or a dash of that based on what I think will enhance the flavor. I’m always experimenting with new combinations of flavors and textures to keep things interesting for my customers.” Her creativity has resulted in unique treats like:

  • Maple bacon cupcakes with a maple buttercream frosting and crumbled bacon topping.
  • Lavender lemon cookies with lemon glaze and dried lavender buds.
  • Salted caramel cheesecake brownies swirled with salted caramel and topped with a brown sugar pecan streusel.

Thanks to Tori’s passion for baking and quality ingredients, devoted regulars and newcomers alike flock to the bakery each day to get their fix of her delicious creations. With Tori’s magical touch, Tori’s Bakery has become the go-to place for sweet treats in town.

Tori’s Future Plans and New Store Openings

Tori has big plans for the future of Tori’s Treats. She wants to continue improving on her original shop while expanding to new locations.

New Store Openings

Tori aims to open 2-3 new stores over the next 3 years. Her vision is for Tori’s Treats to become a popular spot for people across the state to enjoy her homemade treats and beverages. She has scoped out potential new locations in some nearby towns and cities.

Tori also wants to eventually franchise Tori’s Treats, allowing others to open their own stores under her brand and guidance. This could help Tori’s Treats spread to even more areas, delighting people all over with her delicious recipes and cozy café vibe. For now, Tori wants to focus on perfecting operations at her original shop and new company-owned stores before exploring the franchise option.

Product Development

Tori is always coming up with new treat and drink ideas to feature as specials or potentially add as permanent menu items. She keeps an eye on the latest food and beverage trends, especially in the dessert world, for inspiration. However, Tori also believes in sticking to the classics and not changing things up too frequently so that loyal customers can enjoy their favorites on each visit.

Some possible new additions Tori has been testing out include:

  • House-made marshmallows in different flavors like lemon lavender or maple bacon to use in rocky road fudge and hot chocolates.
  • Savory scones with ingredients like sun-dried tomato, basil and mozzarella or cheddar, chive and bacon.
  • Cold-pressed juices, smoothies and wellness shots for those looking for healthier options.
  • Vegan and gluten-free alternatives for many of her treats so that more people can enjoy Tori’s Treats.

With Tori’s passion for her craft and kindhearted spirit, there is no doubt Tori’s Treats will continue to spread happiness for years to come through both new and classic indulgences. The future looks very sweet!


So there you have it, the story of the woman behind the deliciousness at Tori’s Bakery. Tori has poured her heart and soul into creating the perfect place for you to enjoy an amazing treat and a great coffee while making wonderful memories. Her passion for her craft and devotion to quality shine through in each meticulously made pastry. Next time you stop in for your favorite snack, take a moment to appreciate all the care and skill that went into creating it. Tori and her team work incredibly hard each and every day to make Tori’s Bakery your happy place. With every bite of that ooey gooey cinnamon bun or crumb of that buttery croissant, you’re experiencing a labor of love. How lucky we all are that Tori pursued her dream so we can enjoy the sweet fruits of her labor!

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